Cycling in the Morvan


When it comes to cycling in France the Tour de France immediately springs to mind, but it’s also fantastic to cross this country at a leisurely pace. The cyclist with a love of nature and tranquility and no fear for a small hill here and there will have a great time in the Morvan. Dense forests and wide plains alternate, after the climbs there are beautiful views, you will see crystal clear rivers and lakes and a tremendous variety of animals and plants. Birds chirp in the bushes, far away a buzzard is calling, white charollais cows lazily stare at you. On your way you pick some blueberries and passing a tiny hamlet you happen to stumble upon a little restaurant serving a lovely lunch.

If you’d like to reconnoiter the Morvan by bike from your own base camp, we welcome you at campsite Des 2 Rives. You may bring your own caravan or tent but you can also stay in a completely furnished rental tent, caravan or chalet. You’re not tied to any scheme. We have got the most beautiful cycling routes ready for you but it’s up to you how hard, how far and when you cycle them. If you prefer idling alongside the river for a day we completely understand that!

When the evening comes you can cook your own meal in front of your tent but - it’s Burgundy here! - there’s plenty of fine restaurants around. Small, sometimes with live music, sometimes with a Michelin star, but always with the friendliness of the French countryside.

You don’t necessarily have to bring your own bike, we can arrange perfect rental bikes for you. If you prefer your own bike anyway, remember some good gearing is indispensable. Hills are up to 10% and with a standard citybike that’s a bit tough…

When would you like to come over? We are open all year around but if it doesn’t matter to you, we’d pick autumn. Trees carry their most beautiful colors, nature comes alive and temperatures are generally ideal for cycling. Nights are fresh but during the day temperatures can easily rise up to some 24 degrees. Of course there’s no guarantees for good weather but there is for a warm welcome and a stay in fantastic surroundings!