Angling in the Morvan


Who likes to fish ánd enjoys the French country life, can combine those two loves perfectly here! Our campsite is situated at the junction of the rivers Arroux and the Mesvrin. For many anglers that’s already more than enough: they hardly leave the campsite, whereas that’s only two of the countless rivers running through the Morvan. Lovers of barbell, chub and nase don’t need to travel far (or not at all) to enjoy great adventures with feeder- or matchrod.

Fly fishermen can try their luck for chub, or find some of the trout streams to stalk with a dry fly or nymph. The Ternin, the Cure, the Canche or the Celle for example. Or, if you like that, a put and take where you are just as well enjoying the remoteness of French nature and on top of that can finish your day with a Burgundian meal!

Other possibilities? There’s plenty of perch in the Arroux that happily take a small spinner. And let’s not forget the Arroux holds a good amount of eel with some really large fish as well. In the area there are several lakes and pools (many private with a special licence, some public) where a good approach can bring you some very nice carp. For who doesn’t mind traveling a bit further: a 45 minutes ride will lead you to the amongst carp anglers well-known Lac de Pannecière but also to less known lakes, Etang de Torcy for example where we have caught carp but also huge roach. Or a little bit further, for match- or carp anglers, the typically French Canal du Centre.