Walking in the Morvan


You enjoy walking but don’t like strict schemes? You like to camp but don’t want to carry around your complete furniture on your back for three weeks? Or maybe after a good hike you prefer sleeping in a comfortable chalet? If that appeals to you, we’d gladly welcome you at campsite Des 2 Rives.

Here you can freely stroll around through one of the most beautiful regions of France, from your own basecamp. Without schemes or any obligations. With a nice warm shower every evening and lovely restaurants nearby . From a chalet, caravan, completely furnished rental tent or just your own good old little tent at an idyllic spot alongside the river. With campfire, if you like!

Being just outside the protected and 472.000 acres wide nature park The Morvan you have access to 3600 kilometers of largely very well marked hiking paths leading you through the best that France has to offer a hiker. Immaculate forests, crystal clear rivers, pittoresque villages.

The Morvan is one of the oldest nature reserves in France and forms a unique biotope with an incredible diversity of plants and animals. You will see ferns and mosses, roe-deer, badgers, owls, woodpeckers. Barbel, chub and sometimes brown trout are crossing the clear streams. During daytime it’s peaceful already but at night it’s really dark and really quiet. If you’re lucky, you can watch a sky full of stars like you will never see back home. No wonder biologists love the Morvan, but even if you don’t know everything by name you can still thoroughly enjoy it!

The program is entirely up to you. An easy 5 kilometer stroll or some good climbing? We offer you some great hiking routes but feel free to just idle and enjoy the calmness and the beauty of nature. You can do that all year around, but in our humble opinion the Morvan is at its most beautiful during autumn. Summer activity has faded away, the animals carefully come forth and the trees are carrying fantastic colors. There’s an abundance of brambles and chestnuts. Nights are cool but during the day temperatures easily rise up to 24 degrees.

The Morvan is accidented. As the area has been there for centuries, the mountains have been worn off and the highest top does not reach a thousand meters. It’s a ‘friendly landscape’ that you can easily cross with your hiking boots, although a 10% climb is not uncommon. If you think that’s too much for you, we just give you the easier routes!